The contract for Fethiye on-street parking was awarded to a company called Fethiye Park recently and the new company complete with a new uniform for its staff a revised charging structure and a free parking period started this week.

As many readers will be aware the parking wardens know as the ‘orange men’ are a thing of the past.

Turquoise Men

They have now been replaced with ‘turquoise men’.

The company who got the contract for on-street parking in Fethiye are called ‘Fethiye Park’ (works in both languages) and their employees wear turquoise polo shirts with the company name in white on the back.

There has been a change to the pricing policy too.

First 15 Minutes Free

The first fifteen minutes of street parking are now free, with 1TL per half hour applied thereafter – great if you can find a space near to shop/cash machine you want to visit.

As previously charging ends at 8pm so you can park for free to go out to dinner – if you can find a space.

We asked several turquoise men to pose for this article and they all refused so the picture above is a sneaky photo of one of them behind the fish market.