Children’s Day, St George’s Day and, of course a celebration quiz, all in one day. What more can one ask for?

Many of you will be aware that Monday April 23rd is ‘Children’s Day’ in Turkey, a public holiday marked across the nation with activities involving children.

There are displays of folk dancing by kids in school playgrounds, and Fethiye also puts on a big ‘official display’ in the football stadium.

We’ve told you about this before, it’s scheduled to start late morning, and get there early, as the place is crammed with extended family and friends of the hundreds of young people actually taking part in the various performances.

But you will also be very welcome at your local school.

In our village there are traditional games for kids after the dance displays, and these include some familiar ones such as egg and spoon and sack races, along with traditional Turkish fodder such as blindfolded feeding of yogurt to your opponent, while s/he simultaneously feeds you!

Not a game for the fainthearted.

St. George’s Day

Of course Monday April 23rd is also St. George’s Day and this year that is being celebrated at Zakkum with a special St. George’s Day Quiz starting at 2pm.

Actually there will be three separate quizzes one on each of: Music, Pot Luck and General Knowledge; but all questions will be about England and/or English people.

There’ll be an English menu available (sausage and mash anyone?) and lots of prizes.

So why not go see some folk dancing in the morning then head along to Zakkum for a leisurely lunch followed by a patriotic quiz.