We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Fethiye Melons a Cut Below the Price

Apparently the first water melons of the season were on sale in the Tuesday Market this week but, priced at 3TL per kilo, they were not exactly flying off the stalls.

So stall holders cut them up for sale by the slice and solved the problem.

Local press also reported that there was a noticeable lowering of price for all fruit and veg from the previous week indicating that summer, the season of plenty, is just around the corner.

Tourism Week

You read this on the opening day of Turkey’s official ‘Tourism Week’ and the Chair of Fethiye’s Hoteliers’ Association gave a press conference to mark the event.

She (yes it is a woman!) told local press that, despite advanced bookings being down on last year, the Association were optimistic about the forthcoming season, and were working hard to attract new tourists from countries such as the Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Overall they were predicting a 5% increase on last year, so keep your fingers crossed.

Puppy Love

Teenagers in high school ‘going steady’ and then breaking up may seem a familiar concept to us all, but not so in parts of Turkey.

Just such a young couple in Köyceğiz were separated when high school ended, the boy started work, and the girl came to a sixth form college in Fethiye, where she lived in one of several student residences in Patlangıç.

The boy came to Fethiye to see her whenever he could but she, now in the ‘big city’, soon began to tell him it was all over.

Well, one evening last week the boy climbed to the top of a new three-storey building being constructed opposite the student residences, and began shouting her name and saying he loved her and had to see her.

When that produced no result he threatened to throw himself off the building and, you guessed it, within minutes, police, jandarma, ambulance and fire engines were on the scene.

In order to bring the boy down from the roof the girl, together with an adult chaperone from the residence, and some police, paramedics and firemen, climbed up the construction site, and a roof top negotiation ended with police arresting the boy, who was taken to hospital for observation.

Having’ a Laugh

Meanwhile students at the Health & Social Care College attended a special seminar to learn about the power of laughter in raising patient morale.

They could maybe try it out on the 19-year-old in the previous item?

Despite the tourism season not yet being ‘officially’ here, the first cruise ship of 2012 docked in Fethiye for the day on Friday.

The Discovery sailed from Limassol in southern Cyprus and brought 422 passengers to Fethiye, for a day of sight-seeing and shopping, before an overnight sail to Kuşadası.

Apparently all the passengers, not to mention local shopkeepers, thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the town.