We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Fethiye Taxi Fares Increased

The cost of taking a taxi in Fethiye rose this week as follows:

Previously the meter opened with 3.5TL now it is 4TL.

The old 3TL per kilometre rate has risen to 3.5TL.

Apparently there are 450 licensed taxis in Fethiye affected by this change and they had to queue for long periods to have their meters officially changed.

The Chair of the Taxi Drivers’ Association told press they had not had an increase for two years during which time the cost of fuel had risen sharply.

He hoped his customers would accept the new rates.

Calis Yörük Tents Destroyed by Fire

Middle of the night excitement in Çalış when the museum display at the Yörük tents near the beach caught fire.

Initially staff living nearby tried to fight the fire, but eventually had to call in the professionals and, by the time the firefighters had put the blaze out, the museum was reduced to ashes.

The owner initially claimed he lost 5,000 items with a value of 2 – 3 million TL.

Later in the week this had changed to 2,000 items but the value had risen to 3 – 4 million.

Meanwhile one of the workers who was missing from the site, was chased around Çalış by his colleagues, convinced he had started the fire.

They found him hiding in someone’s garden, and were in the process of beating him up when the police arrived.

The victim was taken to the State hospital to be patched up, and is now ‘helping police with their enquiries’.

Wreck to Create a New Underwater Feature for Divers in Fethiye Bay

We have written in the past about plans to sink a ship in the sea near Fethiye to become an attraction for divers.

Wrecks are not only intrinsically interesting from a diver’s point of view but they also tend to attract fish and thus give the divers even more to look at.

Well previous plans have failed for a variety of reasons but this week the Governor held a press conference with the Chair of the local Divers’ Association to announce the sinking will take place within the next two weeks.

Apparently the ship has been donated by the coastgard and stripped of all material that could be hazardous to both fish and divers.

As soon as the weather is favourable the Coast Guard will oversee the sinking and, once the ship is safely on the bottom, its location and name will be announced.

So watch this space…….

Fethiye On-Street Parking Contract Agreed

The contract for street parking was awarded to a company called Fethiye Park this week, but no details of when charging will begin, or how much it will cost, were revealed.

However the winning company did pay 2.29 million TL for the contract so expect to pay to park!!