We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Fethiye Thief Makes off with Pots

An ‘only in Turkey’ burglary happened this week when a thief sneaked into a ‘kalaycı’s’ backyard and got away with four copper ‘kazans.’

Traditionally Turkish women cooked in copper pans which need to be coated with tin inside so people aren’t poisoned.

The ‘kalaycı’ is the man who does the tinning, and a ‘kazan’ is a large copper pot – readers who have visited the kitchens in Topkapı Palace in Istanbul will have seen huge kazans used to cook rice for thousands.

So the kalaycı was in his shop working and had left four kazans filled with caustic soda (to thoroughly clean the insides prior to the tinning process) outside in his back yard.

A passing thief jumped over the wall and made off with the kazans in two trips.

During his second trip he fell over and splashed himself with caustic soda (ouch).

We know all this because the kalaycı had been robbed before so had had a security camera fitted, and the thief is now starring in a much played video at the Police Station.

Yachtsman Dies

A 54-year-old Irish yacht owner died when he was electrocuted in his power shower.

Alexander Lawless and his wife moored their boat in Ece Marina, and Alexander went to take a shower before bed.

Apparently there was a fault in the wiring of the shower and he died.

Funny Money

Jandarma in Ölüdeniz arrested four men charged with trying to pass counterfeit money and found 55 fake fifty lira notes on one of the men.

It’s claimed they had been trying to get local business owners to ‘swap’ 1,000TL of real money for 5,000TL of their fake notes.

We wonder if anyone took up the offer?