The winter season of the Çalış Children’s Charity Darts and Pool League came to a successful close last Monday when the presentation of shields to the two league winners took place at a special presentation and knock out championship evening at the new Bostans Hotel in Çalış.

The popular league, which for the third year running was kindly sponsored by Cenk and Olga Avci of Çalış estate agents, Interturk Estates, had been running on Monday nights throughout the winter months with teams representing 8 Çalış bars and restaurants taking part.

Competition had been fierce in both leagues with unbeaten double champions and favourites Seril 1 being shown the way in the pool by PJ’s Bar who managed a seven point lead.

However Seril retained the darts championship title for the third year running, beating close runners up Nil Bar by only two points.

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Hosts Bostans won the dubious honour of being awarded the wooden spoon for coming last in pool and the wooden spoon for darts was awarded to Bati Cafe. All of the participating bars and restaurants will receive a certificate thanking them for their support.

During the two weeks prior to the presentation evening a special darts and pool knockout competition was organized by the 3C’s. All of the teams held their own knockout competitions.

The winners of both the darts and pool then represented their team in a grand knockout championship final on the night.

For the second year running Kelvin Duffin won the cup for the 2012 Darts Championship, closely beating Mike Churchill.

The 2012 Pool Champion cup was won by Martin Simms with Chris Ward being runner up.

The league, besides providing a weekly fun social evening at the bars throughout the winter, also helps to raise money for the 3C’s charity, helping children in the Çalış/Fethiye area.

Unfortunately Cenk of Interturk Estates was unable to stay to present the cups so 3C’s league organisers Graham Whitaker and Kevin Dennis presented them on his behalf.

They thanked Interturk for their continuing support and everyone who had supported the league throughout the season. They also thanked hosts Carole and Recip of Bostans for providing a great venue and good food for the final.

Final positions of the league and Knock out Competition are as follows:

Pool League – 1st PJ’s (96), 2nd Seril (89), 3rd Eyna (79), 4th Annas Garden (76), 5tth Bati Cafe (60), 6th Nil Bar (58), 7th Kara (55), 8th Bostans (46)

Darts League – 1st Seril (94), 2nd Nil Bar (92), 3rd PJ’s (87), 4th Bostans (74), 5th Kara (69), 6th Annas Garden (55), 7th Eyna (51), 8th Bati Café (38)

2012 Pool Knockout Champion – Martin Simms, runner up Chris Ward

2012 Darts Knockout Champion – Kelvin Duffin, runner up – Mike Churchill