We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Charger Source of Blaze

Fire broke out in a house in 573 Sokak,Tuzla district of Fethiye and, after it was extinguished by local firefighters, the cause was traced to a battery charger which had been plugged in and forgotten about.

No-one was injured in the fire but there was considerable damage to the house and contents.

We hope the residents were adequately insured and now fit a smoke alarm.

Greener Fethiye

Last week was Forestry Week which generated a hive of activity with the Forestry Commission in Fethiye giving away 6,000 pine saplings; 300 trees being planted in Esenköy by students from a local private school, and 80 planted by the Council’s Women’s Group in a new park area in Akarca Mah adjoining the newly constructed promenande.

A local creche also teamed up with the environmental organisation TEMA to give away trees.

The toddlers were dressed as trees, and sang songs about trees, while the adults handed out the real thing.

A further two thousand mixed tree saplings were handed out to people in Kemer, and Göcek also gave away 2,000 baby pines.

Residents and those visiting for a holiday to Fethiye will find the area is an even greener place to be.

Feline Rescue Draws a Crowd

The Fethiye Fire Service certainly had an exciting day on Tuesday as, following the putting out of the fire in Tuzla, they spent half an hour rescuing a cat from the roof of the three storey Kaymakam building downtown.

Passers by formed an appreciative audience as a fireman tried to get hold of the cat – who clearly was not used to being picked up by humans.

Eventually he threw a jacket over it, scooped it up, and descended the ladder to applause.

Once released from the jacket the cat ran away – maybe to climb back up to its sunny spot on the roof?

Older People’s Week Celebrated at Council Care Home

Apparently last week was also ‘Older People’s Week’ and our friends in the Fethiye Council Care Home were all whisked away for a day trip to Ölüdeniz, where they were guests of the Mayor, Keramettin Yılmaz.

The Manager of the Home travelled with 35 residents on a glorious day and they all had a good time.

The Manager said ‘Our residents spirits’ have risen due to the day out in Ölüdeniz” the famous Turkish beach resort that is a short drive from Fethiye.

The next day Fethiye Camera Club opened an exhibition of their work in the Care Home, and cut a huge cake to celebrate the opening.

We think some residents may now require a week in bed to recover from all the excitement.

Still it seems the Care Home is anything but a boring place to be.