Round the world cyclists Roberto and Annika have decided to take a breather in Çalış, Fethiye to taste some of their travels. On Saturday 24th March they will be holding an event with live music, latin dancing and more.

Roberto (29) and Annika (25) met in Mexico, which is Roberto’s home country, when Annika answered an ad he had placed for flatmates. At that time he was running his own successful web design company, and had no thought of packing up to travel the world. She was studying in Mexico and, following her graduation, they went to visit her family in Germany and then set off on their epic journey.

They carry around 25kg of luggage each in panniers on their bikes, and that includes a tent and full camping kit.

To get to Fethiye they have covered almost 4,000km and pedalled through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece and are now in Turkey.

They are staying at the Adrenalin Village in Çalış (which is on 1071 sokak next to a long canal) where they are helping the owners get ready for the season in return for room and board.

But the travelling isn’t just about having fun and visiting a lot of interesting places.

They write a blog about their journey – – which they hope people will read regularly so they can almost feel like they are making the journey themselves. They are really interested in people, and love meeting and interacting with the local population wherever they happen to be.

They hope their blog will promote social empathy, and encourage others to go and experience a totally different culture.

They will leave Fethiye next week and visit Cappadocia, Ankara and the Black Sea coast before heading into Georgia.

On Saturday 24th March they are having a fund raising event at the Saloon Barn in Adrenalin Village (they need a new laptop).

There’ll be live music, and food and drink will be on sale.

Entry is free and the evening kicks off at 8pm. There’ll also be games with prizes.

So if you’d like to meet this lovely enterprising couple, and contribute to their travels, get down to the Saloon Barn on Saturday.