We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Vote Fixers Found Guilty

Exactly two years ago in March 2009 we reported the results of the local election in Seki were declared null and void and a second election took place.

Now the shenanigans behind that occurrence have finally come to light, with the sentencing of two teachers to prison terms this week, after they were found guilty of tampering with the vote.

The teachers, who haven’t been named, were employed to oversee a polling station on election day, and were observed opening the box and removing voting slips.

One of them was sentenced to 7 months in prison and the other to 3.5 months.

We don’t know whether they will still be employed as teachers after they are released as this issue wasn’t covered in the press reports.

Animal Welfare Supported by Fethiye Mayor

The founder of the Animal Sanctuary, Perihan Agnelli, together with the Mayor, Behçet Saatcı, were joined by other members of the public, including resident foreigners, over a meal held to discuss animal welfare within the town.

The Mayor spoke about the success of the neutering programme for street dogs, and said that this should now be extended to cats.

He went on to say owners of dogs found wandering in the streets would be fined 175TL per animal.

He also thanked all present for their efforts on behalf of local animals.

Irresponsible Pet Owners to Be Fined

Meanwhile another item in the local press announced that Fethiye Council had taken the decision on the fining of owners at its February meeting, with the order taking effect from 15th March.

Apparently the matter arose from numerous complaints about owners letting their dogs out in the evening, and people being frightened by said dogs.

Now owners must walk their dogs on a leash and the animals must not foul public areas.

A market for Turkish poop scoopers would seem to have opened up.

Free Parking For Limited Time

And to end on a high note, albeit a temporary one, from Friday 15th March the company employing all the ‘orange men’ to collect parking fees for street parking in Fethiye has given up its contract with the Council.

So there will be free parking everywhere until a new arrangement is in place.

Make the most of it as the Council says it will introduce a new parking fee regime within one month.

Keep your fingers crossed they don’t follow Marmaris’ example, introduced last year, where street parking is a fixed fee of 5TL, with a higher 10TL charged for parking in key areas.