In a recent article we reported on the help given to Bozalan village school by local fundraising group Calis Children’s Charity.

This week we are reporting on two more village schools that have recently benefited from the charity’s help.

Prior to Christmas both Eldirek and Ortaköy Primary schools, two large outlying village schools each with approximately 250 pupils, applied to the Calis based charity for help from the money raised during the charity’s 2011 fundraising year.

Eldirek School had asked if it would be possible to have some playground equipment for the younger children at the school, as apart from a small sandpit area, there was nothing for them to play on.

Ortaköy School had requested air conditioning units to heat the classrooms of the younger children in the older part of the building which had no heating and were very cold in the winter. As these classrooms are quite small they did not wish to use sobas for fear of the children being injured on them. They also required an overhead projector for use in lessons.

Both projects were successfully completed recently at a cost of nearly 10,000 TL and members of the 3C’s accompanied by a representative of FETAV made follow up visits to both schools to see the equipment that they had purchased.

For Eldirek School, the 3C’s had purchased three sturdy metal double swing sets, two see-saws and a climbing frame with slide which have been installed in two areas in the schools grounds.

The headmaster said that the children are really enjoying learning to play on these and they were certainly being well used during the playtime break whilst members of the charity were there!

The 3C’s had also purchased 4 wooden picnic table & bench sets which have been placed along the perimeter of the playground underneath the shade of some trees, looking out across the valley – a lovely spot for the children to sit during their break-times.

The headmaster thanked the charity for all their help and has invited them to breakfast at the school in the near future.

At Ortaköy School the charity members were taken on a tour of the school and shown the projector which had been installed in the English teacher’s classroom.

The projector was linked to the teacher’s computer so that she can conduct lessons through this. The teacher said that she was extremely grateful to have this teaching aid which is used in many subjects in the school.

Three air conditioning units had been installed in the three small classrooms and the charity members were advised that the children having a warm environment in which to learn has really helped the school.

Afterwards in a short ceremony in the teachers’ room, the head-teacher presented both the 3Cs Charity & FETAV with framed ‘Thank You’ certificates for helping the school.

Once more the 3C’s would like to thank everyone who has supported and helped them in their fundraising as none of these projects would be possible without this support.