A couple living in Koca Çalış, near Fethiye, are devastated following an unprovoked and fatal attack on their much-loved dog, Sybil, last Sunday (26th February).

British nationals, Linda and Norman Smith, were driving along the promenade followed by their dog, Sybil.

They had spent the morning on the beach, enjoying a leisurely breakfast in the spring sunshine.

As they approached the Mutlu Hotel, two men on a dark coloured scooter rode past.

The pillion passenger was clearly seen to be carrying a rifle of some kind but believed to be an air rifle.

The gun appeared to have been loaded as within a few tragic seconds the man took aim and shot Sybil.

She was rushed to a local vet surgery but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Sybil was ‘adopted’ by the couple just four years ago, from the Animal Rescue Centre in Fethiye.

Her distraught owner later said,

“The incident happened about 1.30pm on Sunday, just outside Mutlu’s Restaurant. We were driving along and Sybil was following us. The men concerned were about 20-30 years old and were on a dark coloured scooter. The passenger was clearly seen to be carrying an air rifle. Unfortunately we didn’t get a good look at them or the bike as our priority was to get Sybil to the vet.”

However, there were many witnesses to the callous ‘drive-by shooting’ attack.

It is hoped that one of the people who saw the incident will have some information to help catch the men and come forward.

A friend of the couple later commented:

“To take this [attack] a stage further; can you imagine if a child had seen this happen? This may indeed be the case I don’t know for sure. Of course, it could have been a child or adult they shot. It really doesn’t bear thinking about …we need to catch these people and very soon…”

She continued:

“They were on a dark scooter and used what must have been a high powered air rifle. It made hardly any noise and the pellet wound was small. They shot poor Sybil from 2 feet away … it is just terrible.”

Sybil was rushed to Ankavet but pronounced dead on arrival.

She was then taken to the Animal Shelter, where she came from 4 years ago, and buried in the centre’s special dedicated area for dogs and cats.

The incident was reported to the Jandarma who are taking the shooting of Sybil very seriously.

Nowadays the law in Turkey is tough on gun crime of any kind and if the perpetrators are caught they will face a prison sentence.

Whilst guns can still be owned (with an appropriate license) in Turkey they must kept in a secure place on the owner’s premises and cannot be fired in a public area or garden to which the public has access.

Furthermore no gun can be carried around unless it is unloaded and in a case or bag.

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has seen anything suspicious can phone the Jandarma on 0252 612 1838.