We continue our weekly round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Ski Centre Open for Business Despite Fire Damage

The fire at the Erendağ Ski Centre which we reported last week continues to hit the local headlines.

It has now been confirmed that it was started by an electrical fault, and the Centre’s Manager told press this week that he and other on-site employees put the fire out by shovelling snow on the flames.

He said they worked all night as no fire-fighters could get to the scene because the road was blocked with snow.

However he is now angry that one week after the fire, with the road once more open, no officials have yet visited the site.

He claimed the fire did around 400 thousand TL’s worth of damage and help is now needed to get the building replaced and the Centre running normally again.

However, later in the week the Centre held another press conference to announce that, as far as skiers are concerned, the Centre is open for business – the building that burnt down having been for staff accommodation.

What’s more the Manager told press there is a depth of 2.5 metres of powder snow at the Centre and conditions are ideal for skiers.

So skiing readers should get on up there quickly before rise in temperature melts it all.

Community Love In

And another follow-up, remember Valentine’s Day when the Governor and his wife took along a singer to entertain the residents of the Council’s Care Home?

Well exactly one week later 60 female students from the Health & Social Care College, along with their teacher, also visited the Care Home and presented the residents with red carnations.

As there are no doubt some residents exhibiting signs of confusion due to their advanced years, they could be forgiven for thinking that life has become one long Valentine’s Day.

It certainly seems the Care Home is a lively place to live.

More work has taken place to make Calis Beach more comfortable for its usrers thanks to the funding of the Calis Chamber of Hoteliers

Improvements to Çalış Beach

The Çalış Chamber of Hoteliers continue with their improvements to Çalış Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Fethiye.

Local readers may have noticed bulldozers on Çalış Beach during the week.

They were there to remove large rocks and chunks of concrete along the water line that would cut feet and hands.

Once their work is done changing cubicles and showers will be built on the beach.

The work continues that carried out in 2011 when new access to the beach was constructed and walls repaired and painted.

Lively Atmosphere at Tree Planting Event

Kids from a school in Karaçulha planted pine saplings in waste land at Esenköy this week.

The head of the local branch of the Forestry Commission, who donated the trees, said he had never known such a lively atmosphere at a tree planting.

“It was like a picnic” he said. We say of course it was, as some things are the same the world over, take the kids out of school and they really enjoy themselves.

He also told press that the Forestry Commission were happy to supply young trees for planting on public land at any time.

So if any reader knows of a piece of waste ground you know who to go to for your trees.