Fethiye town saw its population break the 80,000 mark in 2011 and nearly all its close towns and villages saw numbers increase too.

As any regular visitor to Fethiye will note Fethiye has changed a great deal in the last few years. New housing developments, public works projects and road expansion are signs that the population is growing.

Fethiye now bigger than Wigan

Yes, Fethiye is now just bigger that Wigan in the UK that has a population 81,203.

The latest population figures produced by the Turkish Statistical Institute confirm that the population of Fethiye grew by five and half percent last year bringing the population to 81,467.

Neighbours on the Up

The population of the surrounding towns and villages is also nearly all on the up and growing faster than the national population growth.

But Not All

Only Uzumlu, Seki and Söğütlü have seen a reduction in population.

In Numbers

And finally, here are the total population figures by area.