The safety standards of the local paraliding activities were under the spotlight last week when local representatives met.

At a meeting held in Fethiye’s Chamber of Commerce last week, representatives of the from all 11 tandem paragliding companies in Ölüdeniz were present.

The meeting had been called to discuss how safety standards could be improved.

It was reported that the total number of paragliding launches from Babadağ had reached 57,000 during 2011, an increase of 3,000 on the previous year.

During the year there had been 7 accidents resulting in 3 deaths, and 4 people suffering broken bones.

Of the seven, six involved tandem jumps and the other one was a solo paraglider.

Between the 11 companies a total of 118 professional paraglide pilots are employed.

The meeting agreed to investigate improvements to facilities on the mountain, and to introduce a ‘maximum five launches in one day’ limit for pilots the 2012 season.