The Ölüdeniz Yarenler will lead the countdown to 2012 in Hisarönü on New Year’s Eve.


At a press conference in Fethiye on Thursday 29th December, the Mayor of Ölüdeniz announced that the success of Fethiye’s stand at the recent Tourism Fair in Izmir (Fethiye got the award for Best Stand) was in great part due to the presence of the Yarenler who entertained the crowds all day.

They’ll now be going to Istanbul in early February for Turkey’s biggest tourism trade fair.

But more importantly for all of us resident in and around Fethiye they will be performing and then leading the countdown to midnight in Hisarönü on New Year’s Eve.

Weather permitting the event will take place on a stage near the public telephone boxes and there will be fireworks at midnight.

However, rain is forecast, so a contingency plan is in place (this writer was amazed as well!)

If it is wet the group will perform on one of the outdoor bar balconies (they have canopies) and the Zombie Bar seems to be favourite.

You’ll be able to watch them from other bars/bar balconies or, if you are really dedicated/have good waterproofs, from down in the street in the rain

The performance is scheduled to start around 11.45pm.

Unfortunately we were told that, if it rains, the fireworks will be cancelled.

However, the Yarenler will perform whatever the weather and they have a new song – kind of ‘All I Want for Christmas’ in Turkish so it’s ‘What I Want for New Year’.

Our photo shows them performing this for the press on Thursday.