We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Cable Car Confirmed Again

The Governor of Muğla, Fatih Şahin, gave a press conference this week in which he outlined his plans for the future of the province.

There was a lot of talking up around attracting a ‘better class’ of tourists and foreign investment being sought, and in all of it Fethiye got one specific mention, when he said ‘the plans for the chair lift are now definite’.

We thought he’d already said that – and he still didn’t give any dates to make it really definite.

Police Probe Sudden Death of English Woman

Police are investigating the death of 41-year-old Lisa Sofi, an English woman who has lived alone in Ölüdeniz for the past five years.

On Tuesday night Lisa had a female friend visiting when she began to feel ill.

The friend called 112 for an ambulance but, when the paramedics arrived, they pronounced Lisa dead.

Her friend told press she must have suffered a heart attack.

Van Quake Couple Marry in Fethiye

Following the earthquake in Van at the end of October, groups of people who were made homeless have been taken in by towns and cities all over the country.

One such group has been in Fethiye for some weeks and includes a young couple, Derya Irmak and Fatih Cömert, who had become engaged some months before the earthquake hit.

This week they were married in Fethiye and Fatih told local press, “We never expected to get married here but it is really a good thing to have done.

It feels as if we are having a real honeymoon.”

Mayor Gifts Wheelchair to Prisoner

And a disabled man being held in custody on remand in Fethiye prison got a nice surprise this week, when the Mayor sent him a wheelchair.

The prisoner, who is severely physically disabled, was in dire straits when his friends wrote to the Mayor, asking of the Council could provide a wheelchair.

Within days it was delivered.

Trade Fair Marathon

The Ministry of Culture & Tourism announced this week that it would be attending no less than 157 tourism trade fairs next year in 63 different countries.

The most important were those in Germany, Russia, Holland and Great Britain, but they would also have stands at fairs in Israel and Syria.

What the press are calling the ‘Trade Fair Marathon’ starts on 6th January in Lucerne in Switzerland.

They don’t get to London until next November.

Christmas Day Pictures

Here is a lovely photo taken on Christmas Day of the Cal Dag mountain that sits on the Northern skyline looking from Fethiye.

Cal Dag Mountain above Fethiye, Turkey 25th December 2011

And to finish another looking to the high mountains above Kemer and the Xanthos valley.

Eren Mountain Range Above Fethiye 25 December 2011

See you next week.