We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Winter Arrived

The calm and sunny weather of the last few weeks was brought to a spectacular end on Friday afternoon when strong winds, heavy rain thunder and lightening swept over the area.

The power was cut to some areas for around 4 hours.

The unsettled weather continued during Sunday with showers and sunshine.

The forecast is set for more unsettled weather of cloud, rain and wind for the next 2 to 3 days.

It’s too soon yet to say with any certainty what the weather will be like on Christmas Day but, if it is like any other year, expect it to be fine and sunny.

Fethiye – A Little Microcosm of Turkey

Normally we look forward to the torrent of annual statistics that are produced when we enter a new year.

However, Fethiye Chamber of Commerce has beat the pack this year, by publishing its annual ‘Socio-demographic Report on Fethiye’ during this week.

The report shows that the population of Muğla as a whole province is 818k, of which 190k live in Fethiye and its attendant villages.

So 23% of the overall population of the province lives in Fethiye. Furthermore Fethiye’s population includes residents born in every single one of Turkey’s 81 provinces which inspired local press to produce the headline ‘Fethiye – A Little Microcosm of Turkey’. So now you know.

Opportunist Thief Caught on CCTV

A security camera installed in a snack bar in Taşyaka paid off this week.

It caught a young couple walking hand in hand on the street, one of whom dashed into the ‘büfe’ and grabbed the owner’s mobile phone off the counter.

When the owner realised his phone was missing, he called the police and they watched the tape.

A young couple were later arrested, charged and released on police bail.

Tough New Rules on Fethiye Market Hassle Introduced

Fethiye Zabita announced that it will close down market traders who hassle customers.

Apparently they are sick of complaints about traders who use aggressive techniques to attract customers, so they have posted notices in all the weekly market places warning traders that, if a complaint is received, their stall will be closed down for up to three weeks.

Of course we have to wonder why they waited till the end of the tourist season to take this action?

University of the Third Age?

New courses start at Ölüdeniz Sanat Evi on Monday 19 December – when this will be published on Fethiye Times so you have time to join a course.

The courses are Turkish and Wind Instrument Playing which will teach you how to play either the trumpet, saxophone or flute and read music.

So all you wannabe musicians get on down to the Sanat Evi.