We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Kalkan Grinder Celebrates Fifty Years

Our first item this week could fit under a ‘Forty Years of Change in Turkey’ heading but was actually reported in the local press.

In Islamlar village outside Kalkan a water mill is still in operation grinding grain for the locals.

The mill is run by 84-year-old Hamdi Sarıkaya who has been in charge for the last fifty years.

Hamdi told local press that as recently as 1970 there were 17 water mills in Islamlar, but they have now all closed down except for his.

He reckons his mill is 150 years old, and is determined to see it continues to work.

Politician Helps Local Love Union

The AK Party Women’s Group hit the headlines this week, when they organised the marriage of 20-year-old Derya Öksüz to 28-year-old Enver Gökçel.

It seems Enver, who lives in Taşyaka, liked the look of Derya, contrived to meet her and they fell in love.

In November Enver visited Derya’s father to ask for her hand in marriage, but was rejected because he was unemployed, didn’t own a home and had no professional qualifications. Derya promptly ran away and stayed with Enver in his relative’s house.

Eventually Derya’s father relented but there was still no money for a wedding.

Enter the AK Party women who quickly bought wedding clothes for both bride and groom, and supplied necessary household items for the couple.

The women also attended the wedding which proved a great photo op for the country’s ruling party.

Ölüdeniz Stray Cats and Dogs Care Confusion

A local clash of the Titans got underway when press investigated the large numbers of cats and dogs currently roaming wild around Ölüdeniz.

Perihan Agnelli, founder of the Animal Sanctuary in Fethiye, and responsible for laws on animal welfare being brought into force in Turkey in 2007, told local press that responsibility for street cats and dogs rests with the local authority.

Kerametin Yılmaz, Mayor of Ölüdeniz, claimed he did not have the resources to care of the high number of animals currently on the streets, and thus the responsibility lies with Fethiye.

No-one from Fethiye Council joined in the debate.

Perhaps Ölüdeniz will soon have its own Animal Sanctuary one day?

Pilot of Death Fall Passenger Court Case Continues

On Friday, 9th December, the case against the paragliding pilot whose passenger fell to his death in September, continued in Fethiye.

Reports requested at the previous hearing were produced and have now been sent for expert commentary.

The hearing was once again adjourned until 12 January 2012 and the pilot remains in custody.