We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Fethiye Fraud Found

A major case of fraud came to light in Fethiye this week when thirteen people were arrested, following months of investigation and surveillance by the Muğla Organised Crime Unit.

Apparently the fraud evolved from identity theft which enabled the accused to acquire mobile phones using false identities, the phones were then used to set up mobile/internet banking and apply for loans.

One person arrested worked in a bank and was the key to the fraud.

Searches of homes of those arrested turned up numerous birth certificates and drivers’ licences, credit and bank cards alongside mobile phones and computer equipment used in the fraud.

All fourteen have been remanded in custody while the investigation continues.

Police already have evidence of 71,000TL obtained by the accused and told local press they believed the eventual total stolen could reach 4 million.

Mayoral Support for Schools

Whilst the various foreigner-led charity groups in and around Fethiye continue to support local schools, the Turks are also doing their bit.

This week the Mayor and his wife held a press conference at Karagedik School, to announce voluntary support for the school’s newly opened kindergarten.

Mrs. Mayor, Nesrin Saatcı, is also chair of the Turkish women’s group based in the Fethiye Evi on the Kordon.

The group was set up seven years ago and, having long focused on help for the handicapped, is now starting to work with schools, and has chosen the Karagedik kindergarten for its first project.

Fethiye’s Director of Education welcomed their involvement, telling the press that voluntary support for schools was crucial nowadays in providing high quality education for all children.

Round Up

This week police rounded up eight women and a child seen begging on the streets, loaded them into a Council truck and drove them out of town.

The press did not report exactly where the women and child were left on the roadside, but did point out that this whole process happened without any formal arrests or charges or any other legal process.

Seems we are living in a hangover from the American Wild West!

International Theatre on the Streets of Fethiye

A group of 9 students from Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, Denmark and Luxembourg performed street theatre outside Fethiye Cultural Centre on Thursday 1st December to mark World AIDS Day.

They were apparently funded by the EU.

Fethiye Hero Remembered

Many readers will know about the devastating 6.2 earthquake that hit Fethiye in the middle of the night in April 1957.

The then Kaymakam, Kamil Nezih Okuş, reacted to an earlier, lesser shock, got on to the public address system and ordered the whole town of their houses and away from any buildings.

When the big one hit later that night it more or less flattened the town, but only 19 people died – all of them having not listened to the Kaymakam’s warning.

This week the Council decided to name a street after Kamil Bey, and also to erect a suitable memorial for the 19 killed in the 1957 ‘quake.