We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Healthy Mouth & Teeth Week

Last week was apparently ‘Healthy Mouth & Teeth Week’ and to mark the event an official from Fethiye Council visited 74 schools in villages around Fethiye and handed out 10,000 toothpaste and tooth brush sets.

These were given to children in years 1, 2 and 3 in the schools and the Council has been doing this annually since 2006.

As we don’t think we ever reported this before, and if it appeared on the local news websites we would have, we can only conclude that they have finally worked out how to get their marketing exercise into the news.

So congratulations to Fethiye Council.

Çalış Canals to be Clad

We all have seen the dredging work that has cleaned the canals in Çalış and now they are gearing up for the next stage.

Mete Ay, the Chair of the Çalış Development Association, held a press conference this week at which he announced that the canals are going to be lined with stone to ‘further beautify Çalış’.

We seem to think there was a large population of kingfishers around the canals, and they build their nests in burrows in the banks, so what will happen to them when the banks are clad in stone?

Fethiye Marks Forest Week

Last week was also ‘Forest Week’ in Fethiye and to mark that one TEMA, the local environmental organisation, held a conference.

Apparently the United Nations designated 2011 as the ‘International Year of Forests’ and Fethiye chose last week as the time to make its contribution.

The conference focused on soil erosion and the ways in which forests can help prevent it. Participants also went on a forest walk and planted trees.

Ceremony Held to Mark Construction Project

We told you last week about the new science sixth form planned for Fethiye.

Well the Council seems to be really gung ho about this one as, this week, they held a sod cutting ceremony at the site of the new College attended by all the local great and good.

There were speeches and the Kaymakam said that, whilst there wasn’t much to see at the moment, they were holding a low key ceremony to kick off the construction, and when the project was completed during the 2012 -2013 academic year, there would be a splendid celebration.

Crash Landing

Finally yet another accident involving paragliders from Babadağ.

This time a tandem trip came to a swift conclusion when the pilot and his passenger fell to the launch pad before properly being airborne.

The pilot suffered cuts and bruises and the passenger broke his arm.

They were later both pronounced satisfactory at the state hospital.