Fethiye Council has set its budget for next year and included in its plans is the construction of new 6th form college on the outskirts of Fethiye.


Fethiye Council is responsible for a wide range of public services within its boundaries ranging from the provision of the water and sewerage services, care for the elderly, burials, waste collection and disposal, planning, public health and more.


Its budget for 2012 is 72 million TL up from 60 million TL this year.

A sum of 7 million TL has been set aside to build a new science sixth form college on land at Degirmenbasi (on Uzumlu road).

The project will be built on a plot of land of 20,000 sq,m of land and the building will occupy 11,760sq.m and include classrooms, student dormitory and conference facilities. No completion date has been given.

The next phase of the promenade extension is included in the budget and will be completed during 2012.

The phase will complete the section from the state roads offices to the Calis Road past the state hospital.

Initial works began during the summer of 2011 (see picture above).

The budget of the Council has grown significantly over the last 6 years. In 2005 the budget was 17.5 million TL.