We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Cash ‘n’ Grab

A man was arrested this week for stealing the change from dolmuşes.

Apparently he sneaked into the dolmuşes waiting at the Ölüdeniz terminus and grabbed the change kept by the driver’s seat.

He was arrested after he stole money from a dolmuş that had a security camera fitted which captured his image.

Another Road Fatality

A 7-year-old girl was killed in Esenköy this week as she ran across the road.

She was hit by a car and declared dead on arrival at the State Hospital.

With the disabled man killed last week and now this, it seems Esenköy is a dangerous place to live.


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Happy, Happy Helps at Home

Local press reported at length this week on a case of major role reversal in Fethiye.

33-year-old Mutlu Sanal was a sickly baby, contracting hepatitis when only 5 days old, he recovered but was left profoundly deaf.

A host of other health issues meant he was in and out of hospital regularly for the first five years of his life.

He didn’t walk until he was five years old, was taught to lip read by his school teacher mother, Zehra, but still has problems with speech.

Eleven years ago Zehra’s husband died and she moved in with Mutlu.

Then four years ago she suffered a severe stroke which has left her paralysed down her right side and, with his two older brothers settled in Istanbul, Mutlu is now the care giver.

He shops, cooks, cleans and carries his mother around their apartment.

He told press:

“My mother looked after me for the first 29 years of my life, now I have a chance to care for her.

My caring makes her happy and, seeing my mother happy makes me happy.”

Saklıkent Canyon Cash to be Kept Local

From next year the income from entry fees to Saklıkent Canyon will be collected by the Fethiye Tourism Organisation (FETAB), and used for work to improve facilities for tourists across the town and its environs.

As around 300 thousand people visit the Canyon each year, it is a significant sum.

Fethiye Road Show to go to Europe

And FETAB hit the news again when it announced plans to take part in no less than 11 international holiday fairs during the coming winter.

Along with representatives from the Tourism Information Office, FETAB hopes to have a stand at fairs in London, Holland, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, France and at Turkish fairs in Izmir and Istanbul. We wish them luck.