The 3C’s children’s charity will be 1,000TL better off thanks to the courage of a local English resident Anne Jenns.

Anne Jenns who has lived in Tasyaka for the last 4 years is afraid of heights.

So when she successfully bid and won on the tandem paraglide in the recent Çalış Children’s Charity Promises Auction she had every intention of giving the voucher away as a present rather than face the vertical challenge.

However last Wednesday she decided to finally face her fear and jumped from the top of Babadag some 2000 metres above sea level.

“I knew that if I did the jump for charity, I would not be able to back out of it “said Çalış Children’s Charity Committee member Anne.

“It was an amazing experience and I am really thrilled to have done it even though I had many sleepless nights beforehand. I would like to thank everyone who sponsored me both in Turkey and in UK.”

Anne kept quiet about the date of the jump in case nerves got the better of her but had photographs taken at take off and during the jump itself to prove that she had completed it.

The tandem flight was donated to the 3C’s Charity Auction by Oludeniz travel agent Activities Unlimited who also provided free photographs of Anne’s jump.