We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Complaint Line Releases Stats

This week the Governor of Muğla issued a press statement about the Alo 179 help line set up almost three years ago by his predecessor to handle queries from foreigners, either tourists or residents.

More on that later this week.

Cruise Ship Visits Fethiye

Readers may have noticed cruise ships in Fethiye recently and another one visited this week.

The ‘Minerva’ with 335 passengers crossed to Fethiye from Rhodes and spent the day here.

Passengers could visit local ancient sites or indulge in retail therapy in the town.

If only Fethiye had a jetty capable of allowing the really big cruise ships to dock, visits from such vessels could make a real difference to the town’s tourism economy.

British National Dies Swimming from Oludeniz Beach

Ian Parker, 57, on holiday here from UK decided to ignore the heavy rain early in the week, and go swimming from Ölüdeniz Beach as it was pouring down.

His family watched from the beach as his head disappeared under the choppy waves.

They called the Jandarma and an intensive search began involving not only the Coast Guard and Jandarma but also local divers who volunteered to help.

He had drowned and his body was later washed ashore at Kum Burnu.

Motorcyclist Killed

An accident in which a motorbike without number plates crashed into the side of a bus on the Kalkan road, resulted in the death of the man driving the bike, injury to the man riding pillion and no injuries to those on the bus.

Flying Dutchman Paraglide Crash

And we end with yet another accident. It involved a 65-year-old Dutchman who came to Ölüdeniz to do a paragliding course.

He took off but lost control of his parachute and fell 20m back down to the launch area.

He was taken to one of the local private hospitals with suspected broken bones.

The hospital later said his condition was satisfactory and there were no life threatening injuries.