One of the toughest challenges in the Turkish Enduro bike race calendar took place last week with in the Red Bull ‘Sea to Sky’ race and our local riders did very well.

Olympos Mountain near Kemer, Antalya was the location of the Sea to Sky Race; a scramble from around sea level to 2,365 meters.

To add to the thrills of an already tough race a heavy shower began just as the race began adding a further challenge for the intrepid riders.

The course to the top of the mountain took in dried up river beds, narrow tracks, goat paths and forest roads.

When the rider got near the 2,000 meter level so the environment changed the tree line ended leaving riders to tackle the sharp and slippery rocks until reaching the finish line.

Thankfully the spectators had an easier trip to the summit as they could use the popular tourist cable car to reach the finish line.

A number of competitors abandoned the race leaving only a very few riders crossing the finish line at the peak of Mount Olympos.

Three of our local riders from the Fethiye Forest Sports Club received medals for their part in the race.

They Were Chris Pascoe received a Silver, YUCEL Ahmet Selim (pictured above) and Ismail Cem Tunc received bronze medals.