We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Partnership to Clear up Fethiye Antique Theatre

The week began with the good news that four local groups: three environmental charities and the local Seamen’s Chamber; have got together to clean up Fethiye’s amphitheatre.

In the now three years since news snippets started, we have reported annual plans to restore the amphitheatre.

No restoration work has yet been done.

However, even cleaning out the rubbish would seem to be a step in the right direction. The article about the cleaning project also reported that the theatre dates from the 2nd century AD, that it could seat 6,000 and that in the 1960s, when the edge of the harbour was being filled in to create the Kordon, stone from the theatre was thrown into the harbour as part of the in-fill. Oooops!

Tenant Abandons Dogs

Be careful when letting your property seems to be the message behind a local news story this week.

It seems a British resident sublet his apartment on Izmir Site in Foca district, to a young Englishman called Chris Townsend.

The latter soon moved two Rottweiler dogs in.

Then a couple of weeks ago Chris disappeared and, after ten days, neighbours called the police as the smell and cries of the abandoned dogs became overwhelming.

Local police liberated two very distraught dogs, fed and watered them, then had them checked by a vet and finally taken to the Council’s Animal Shelter.

The owner of the apartment, when informed by phone, was extremely upset.

The owner Chris contacted Fethiye Times after reading the article. He said:

“I left the dogs with someone i thought i could trust who was a close friend and i payed him 300lira to look after them and feed them and also for any vet bills. I have 1 Rottweiler which is my dog named Sky and another little dog that was unwell and skinny that i found on the streets and i took in this little dog so i could look after her till she looked better. I was going to try and re-home her as a little apartment isn’t big enough.

I have lived in turkey for 8 years now with my family and we have had dogs the whole time we have been there, i had to go to England on business for a while and i gave a close ‘friend’ 300 lira to look after the dogs feed them walk them and if that wasn’t enough money like if they got ill and needed to go to the vet my father is in turkey and would have given the money to my ‘friend’ but from the looks of what has happened my so called trusted ‘friend’ has not done anything and it made me feel sick when i read these articles to find I had been let down so badly”


Unlucky thieves this week made off with a motorcycle owned by the Head of Security (Zabita) at Fethiye Council.

At time of writing it had not yet been recovered.

Request Refusal ends with Shots Fired and Injuries

And things ended with a bang one night this week when a bar in Paspatur was raked with shots from a pump shotgun injuring 9 including two women.

Apparently a couple of young Turkish men in the bar requested a particular song from the singer and, when she didn’t sing it, one of them left the bar, only to return, shotgun at the ready and fire upon people in the bar.

The injured included the singer and one non-Turk.

The man is under arrest and all the injured were released from hospital after emergency treatment.

Bootleg Booze Found in Hisarönü

Police in Hisarönü raided a bar in the middle of the night and found two thousand litres of homemade vodka in large jerry cans.

Three men have been arrested.

Reports didn’t name the bar but if you have been out on the vodka in the village and had a terrible hangover the next day you may well have visited it.