A record breaking 35,400 TL which was raised by the Çalış Children’s Charity during their 2011 fundraising year will be allocated to fund various children’s projects in the local area at their next meeting in September.



The charity, now known locally as the 3C’s, which was formed in September 2010, evolved from the former Çalış Carnival Fund Raising Committee which, in it’s 3 years existence, had raised over 75,000TL to help local children.

The charity operates legally under the banner of the Fethiye Tourism, Promotion, Education, Culture and Environment Foundation (FETAV)).

When the charity was formed a decision was taken never to give money but to fund equipment and projects.

A number of written applications for assistance in funding projects from the 2011 money raised have already been received by the 3C’s.

If anyone has a good cause or project that they would like supported this year they are asked to write in to FETAV manager Dilek Dinçer at Fethiye Belediye or e-mail the charity through their website www.caliscarnival.com with details of the help needed.

All applications are given careful consideration and, in the case of schools and external organisations, the charity are advised by FETAV, the Kaymakam, Director of Education and the Belediye as to suitable projects.

At their first meeting of the new financial year in September, all these written applications will be considered and, after careful investigation including visits to the schools and organisations concerned, funds raised during the previous year will be allocated against each agreed project.

The charity will also be issuing their Annual Report in early September which will contain a full financial statement detailing where the money raised during the 2010 fundraising year was spent.

The 3C’s are always looking for new members to join their charity and help with their fundraising events.

If you are interested in joining the charity please ring 0536 373 9520 for further information.