We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Paraglider Passenger Dies, Pilot Arrested

Yet another tragic death on Babadağ at the end of this week when 27-year-old Caner Güler, a mechanical engineer on holiday from Bursa, took off on a tandem paraglide.

His wife, 26-year-old Miray, having glided away only moments before.

Shortly after the launch, Güler fell from his harness and died on the rocks some 700m below.

His pilot was arrested on landing and taken away by Jandarma for questioning.

There were claims that Güler’s harness wasn’t properly attached, and there will no doubt be an official announcement about the accident in due course.

We’ll keep you posted.

British Woman Robbed in Friends Home and Assaulted

Meanwhile earlier in the week, 61-year-old British resident, Christine Boston, went round to her friend’s house in the Akarca district of Fethiye at about 01.00 hours, to feed her friend’s pets.

She hadn’t been in the house for long, when the front door bell rang and, when she opened the door, she was punched in the face by a young Turkish man, later identified as 26-year-old Muhammet Çakaloğlu.

He then ripped off her gold necklace, bracelet and earrings, valued at around 5,000TL in total, whilst continuing to hit her about the head.

Neighbours roused by her screams began to appear, and the young robber ran off.

Neighbours armed with sticks tried to follow him, but he was soon lost in the dark. The Police were called.

However, he had left his car parked outside the house and eventually police traced him via the car registration and, 12 hours later, he was arrested and charged.

He is now in custody awaiting trial.

We will be following this one.

And Finally the Good News

It was the big public holiday, or bayram, last week and the jandarma were observed out and about giving away sweets to members of the general public.

And the length of the holiday, with a little creative leave taking working Turks had a 9-day holiday, made local hotel-keepers very happy indeed as accommodation in Fethiye was announced at being almost 100% full.