Seki will host the final tournament of the season next Sunday the 4th September 2011.

Oil wrestling has a tradition of over 700 years, and many events like this one take place across the country in the late spring through until the late summer.

The main contest is held in Thrace, near the Bulgarian border, when the winner receives a golden belt, similar to boxing. If they win for three consecutive years, the champion gets to keep the belt.

The rules of the game are simple, the first one to go ‘belly up’, whether that is on the ground or in the air, loses.

If no one wins in the allotted time, it goes to extra time (indicated by a red ribbon on one ankle) and if this still provides no victory, the winner is declared on points, by the steward.

Beneath the trousers are cords tied around their bodies and knees.

The opponent attempts to get hold of these by sliding his hand down, therefore it is essential to have as tightly fitting trousers as possible!

You can watch one of the main local events next Sunday when the village of Seki will host the annual event in their stadium.

It will start around noon and don’t worry about finding the venue – just get to Seki village and you won’t have a problem. Seki is sign posted off the Antalya mountain road.

So if you’d like to see the oil coated guys trying to throw each other around, head on up to Seki next Sunday.