We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

While Shepherds Watched Their Flock By Night…

A touch of the wild west this week with ‘rustlers’ in the news – though they were trying to steal sheep not cattle.

Up in Seki a farmer woke up when his dogs started barking and, accompanied by his farm worker, he went out to find two men trying to herd three sheep away from his flock.

In an attempt to avoid capture, the thieves stabbed both the men and then fled.

Fortunately neither were seriously injured, no sheep went missing, and the wannabe rustlers were later caught by the Jandarma.

Oludeniz Air Games Date Announced

The dates of the annual Oludeniz Air Games were announced.

This year the 5-day event runs 26 – 30 October and it is expected to involve around 400 paragliders from 30 countries.

Definitely one for the diary.

Forest Blazes Down

We recently reported the first local forest fire of the year, and commented on the reduction of fires from previous seasons.

Well now the regional authorities have officially announced there have been 20% less fires across the province this year.

Kayakoy Fire Extinguished Quickly

But hot on the heels of the above announcement a second fire was started in forest near Kayakoy.

It was quickly extinguished by fire fighters, with help from the helicopter that scoops up sea water and dumps it on the blaze.

Only a thousand square metres of forest was damaged.

It would seem that as well as reduction in the number of fires, the Forestry Commission is now very efficient when it comes to dealing with them.

Brits Lost on Lykian Way Rescued

A British couple on holiday here set off to walk along the Lycian Way this week.

Michael Mitchell, 65, and his 58-year-old wife unfortunately missed the path and got lost.

Then Michael fell and they phoned friends in Oludeniz and alerted them to their problems.

AKUT, Turkish Search and Rescue Organisation, along with local Jandarma were quickly on the scene, and the Mitchells walked back out helped by the rescuers.

We’ve said it before – a mobile phone can save your life.