Newly pedestrianised streets were officially opened last Tuesday marking the first stages of an exciting new project.

Tuesday 16th August saw the local great and good attending the official opening of the newly paved streets around the Hayal Cinema in downtown Fethiye.

Speeches delivered at the Cultural Centre prior to an official walkabout in the newly refurbished downtown streets, apparently referred to this project being the first in a planned transformation of Fethiye to a ‘boutique city’. We quote our Mayor.

Meanwhile traders in the newly paved area are now demanding one street remain open to traffic with the pedstrianisation of the area not only making it difficult for deliveries, but also, the traders would have us believe, putting off many customers.

One street has yet to be started, let alone completed and was hidden away behind a temporary wall of advertising for Tuesday’s opening.

Wonder how long it will take to finish this one?

Fethiye Council has already completed some significant infrastructure developments in the town including new roads, play parks, recreation areas, the promenande and sewerage systems.

This new project will make Fethiye an even more desireable place to visit or live.