We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Fishy Business

Many readers will know about the fish that eat dead skin from your feet, are also popular with eczema sufferers and are now being franchised all over Europe.

These gara ruffa fish were originally only found in Sivas in eastern Turkey, but are now available in the Kanguru Beauty Salon in Fethiye.

However, the salon’s owner was somewhat annoyed, as he told local press this week, when he discovered that he had to import his fish from Europe as there are now none for sale in Sivas.

Fathers Fateful Fast Food Foray

A 34-year-old Turk, Mehmet Çalışkan, headed into Fethiye to buy a hamburger for his 5-year-old son.

Unfortunately he lost the plot before he reached McDonald’s and drove his car into the big canal that runs alongsıde the market place.

Mehmet wasn’t injured and the car was eventually winched out, but we think he’ll end up with quite a big repair bill – and the young boy never got his burger.

Fantastic Finds

Excavations at Tlos led by Dr. Taner Korkut have unearthed several statues of Roman emperors and various gods, which were originally part of the decoration of the Roman ampitheatre.

These were shown to the press this week before being transported to Fethiye Museum for restorative work.

Foot and Mouth Found

Foot and mouth disease has been found in animals living in the Eşen valley and the communities of Eşen, Kumluova and Karadere, together with 15 smaller villages, are now quarantined for one month.

During that period all movement of cows, goats and sheep in the area is forbidden.

No doubt the farmers involved will be hoping for a swift resolution so that sales of animals for Kurban Bayram, falling in early November this year, will not be affected.