Do you live in the Fethiye area and hanker to live back in the UK? If so Fethiye Times readers Martin and Alison would love to hear from you as they want to move to Fethiye.

For many years Martin and Alison have had a strong desire to leave the UK for warmer climes. Martin said:

“Last October we visited the Homes in the Sun Exhibition at the Birmingham NEC for some inspiration. At the exhibition we were surprised by how many of the exhibitors were representing Turkey – even more than were representing the traditional Spain!!

We talked with one of the exhibitors ‘Landmark Properties’ who were showing off their Turkish properties. We had never even considered Turkey, in fact had never even holidayed there.“

When returned home, laden down with information on Turkey, they quickly decided to arrange a visit to Turkey to see what all the fuss was about. Keen not to get involved with any of the ‘inspection trips’ that were available, the

artin & Alison

y made their own arrangements to spend a week in Fethiye in mid October 2010.

Martin said: “We got ‘the fuss’ immediately and we formed a plan. When we returned home we decided we would put our home on the market and did so in early 2011. We arranged to spend another three weeks in Fethiye in April, to make sure that our first impressions were still valid. Happily they were!”

Since that trip the couple have also taken another ‘confirmation’ trip. They visited Side but decided Fethiye was the place for them.

So, why haven’t they moved?

Martin said: “The simple answer is that the UK housing market, unfortunately, is very slow and so far we have been unable to find a buyer. So then we thought about other options.

After much debate and research we started to wonder how many other people might be in a similar predicament. Surely it can’t only be us?!

Maybe there are people in Fethiye, who for whatever reason, would like to return to the UK and are experiencing similar difficulties with the sale of a property being the only thing to hold them back. Could a swap arrangement be the answer? “

Martin and Alison’s 6 bedroom home is pictured above and full details can be found at this link.

Swap for What?

The couple are looking for a detached villa property with a pool and some garden space located in Calis or other areas of Fethiye however they would consider other locations around the town.

There are a few conditions around the swap so if you want to find out more or discuss a deal please contact Martin Bradley direct –