We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Local Man Found Dead

Çiftlik was the scene of tragedy early in the week when 78-year-old Hilmi Sungur went out to collect reeds for weaving baskets.

Hilmi left early in the morning and, when he hadn’t returned by evening, his family called the Jandarma.

At the same time another person, out for a walk, was also calling the Jandarma to report a body in the main irrigation canal.

It was Hilmi, who seemed to have fallen from the wooden bridge that crosses the canal at that point, and drowned.

Dam Protest Continues

And protests in Yanıklar and Kargı villages against the proposed damming of the Kargı river continued this week, when a group of local environmentalists marched down from the mountains with banners claiming the company planning to build the dam had already cut down trees preparatory to building, despite the fact that the whole matter is still undecided.

Villagers have opened a court case in Ankara to stop the dam and are still maintaining their 24/7 protest camp at the source of the River.

The muhtars of both Kargı and Yanıklar told local press that protests will continue.

Safety Prompts Lighting

The road out from Fethiye around the bays beyond Letoonia is finally to get street lights.

Over the years we have reported incidents of cars driving off the road, and finally the Council accepts that it needs to be lit up at night.

Fethiye First Forest Fire of 2011

Well here we are in August and reporting the first forest fire.

We had noticed the lack of fires this summer, and even hoped we’d get through a whole season without one.

Unfortunately the forest near to Çenger, north of Kargı village, caught fire this week.

The fire was put out within four hours and only 2 hectares of forest were destroyed with no casualties.

Upbeat Tourism Message

You may have noticed that Turkish tourist numbers have thinned out noticeably, since Ramazan started on 1st August.

One local headline this week said “Ramazan is here and only foreigners remain on Ölüdeniz Beach”.

However, the ever-optimistic head of the local hoteliers’ association gave a press conference to point out that he is hoping for a huge influx of Turkish tourists in the traditional holiday (Şeker Bayram) that follows Ramazan.

The holiday is officially four days, Monday – Thursday inclusive but, as the upbeat hotelier pointed out, take one more day off work and add in the two weekends and you can have a 9-day holiday in Fethiye.

Bargain Fethiye Beach Entry During Ramazan

Finally we end on a ‘good news’ note.

If you are a fan of the bays along the coast beyond Karagözler the entry fee just got reduced from 2TL to 1TL per person.

As it’s Ramazan these coves should be pretty empty right now, so you may want to head for a day out in Aksazlar, Küçük Samanlık, Büyük Samanlık and Kuleli.