We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Georgous Saklikent

Last week the local press were at pains to push the delights of Saklıkent Canyon (or ‘Gorge’ if you prefer). In fact we did it the week before in our article here.

Under their headline ‘Tourists flock to Saklıkent Canyon’ they extolled the well-known features of the Canyon: always cool, wading in icy water; feels like a real adventure; etc., but we did learn one or two things from the article.

Did you know that an average of half a million people visit the Canyon each year?

And did you know the current entry fee is 4.5TL with a discount ticket at 2TL for students?

Spirit of Adventure

And tourism provided another local headline a little later in the week when it was reported that the best customers for rafting and jeep safaris are the Russians.

Apparently 61% of Russian visitors take part in rafting/jeep safari during their holidays.

It seems to us there is a logical explanation.

Britons still top the list of people coming to the region on holiday and that has been the case for many years.

Rafting and jeep safaris are the kind of activities you do in early days of holidaying to a region.

Hence it is probably true to say most British visitors have done their adrenalin-rush days out years ago and moved on to other pursuits.

The Russians, however, are comparatively new visitors to Turkey so are still in the rafting/jeep safari stage.

Well it’s a theory…..

Elderly Man Found Dead

Osman Çam, a 78-year-old resident of Fethiye, went off to the hills to gather wild sage early in the week.

Two days later, after an extensive search, his body was found in the forest.

Bread Prices Up

The real ‘shock, horror’ news this week was a 50% rise in bread prices.

The standard loaf will rise from 0.50TL to 0.75TL whilst the traditional Ramazan pide bread will cost 1TL.