We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

On A High

There was a major success for local police last week when they found around 11,000 marijuana plants along with 34kg of hashish near to Kemer.

This was the largest drugs seizure in 20 years in Muğla province.

Two men were arrested and charged.

Later in the week another field of marijuana containing some 2,300 plants was burnt in the Çalış area.

Protests Reach National Media

The recent killings of 13 soldiers in Diyabakır led to protests across the country and, last week, two such demonstrations took place in Fethiye – but you are unlikely to have witnessed either.

Firstly local divers were filmed with placards protesting on the seabed.

Not to be outdone the paragliding fraternity unfurled their protest banners as they floated down to the beach from the top of Babadağ.

Whilst these protests had little impact on local people, they were both widely reported in the national media.

CCTV Catches Light Fingered Couple

A young engaged Turkish couple on holiday here bought ice creams from a shop in Çalış, and when they left the shop forgot a wallet on top of the ice cream freezer.

A German couple also on holiday entered the shop shortly afterwards and, when they left, the wallet also disappeared.

Meanwhile the young Turks realising they had left the wallet behind, returned to the shop and CCTV cameras inside soon revealed what had happened.

The police were called, the Germans were traced to their hotel and soon found themselves in court charged with theft.

They were deported and the young Turkish couple got their wallet back.

The wallet contained 130TL in cash along with their engagement rings, ID cards and other bank cards.

Award for Friends of Ölüdeniz

Our friends the Ölüdeniz Yarenler hit the news again this week when the local Council presented them with a plaque to thank them for all their work on behalf of the town.

The Mayor, when presenting them with the award, told press

“They are volunteer ambassadors for Ölüdeniz travelling all over Turkey to appear at festivals, and frequently performing on television too. We couldn’t wish for a better way to introduce people to Ölüdeniz.”

Hear, hear say we.

Shock at Suicide Attempt

And finally at the end of the week a 31-year-old Russian woman, Elena Orugova invited friends around to her flat on Friday evening.

Elena has a history of mental health problems.

When the friends arrived she announced that she was going to commit suicide.

She then produced a gun and shot herself in the chest.

She is in very serious condition at the State Hospital in Fethiye.