The European debt crisis has hurt currencies such as the Turkish Lira and now the British Pound buys more of them than it has for some time; and that is good news for tourists.

At the end of the summer last year the exchange rate dipped to around 2.28 Turkish Lira (TL) to the Pound.

Yesterday it was 2.67 TL.

That means your £1 now gets you much more value when in Turkey and your holiday spending should now go much further than it did last year.

Here are few examples of holiday savings:

A beer is now under the £2 level again after inflation and taxes bumped it up too. A 5 TL beer would have cost £2.19 last year but now the same beer would cost £1.87.

A meal for 2 that cost 60 TL would have exchanged to £26.32. That same meal would now cost £22.47 a saving of £3.85.

Smokers save too with a 7.50 TL packet of 20 now costing £2.81. Last year they would have cost £3.29.

These are just some common examples but maybe another way to look at how far your cash could go is if you look at the savings on an average holiday spend.

If, for example, a family spent £1,000 whilst on holiday, the current exchange rate would mean they would get a whopping 390 TL more to spend than last year.

Now that’s a winning combination and another good reason to come on holiday to Fethiye, Oludeniz, Calis, Hisaronu and Ovacik or other parts of Turkey this year.

Note: Exchange rates quotes are interbank rates and not those that you can obtain when changing cash. Always shop around for best exchange rates and keep an eye on commission charges.