We told you about the photography exhibition in Fethiye Culture Centre a few days ago and now, having seen for ourselves, we are again urging you to go and look at these fascinating photographs.

John Garstang, who was Professor of Archaeology at Liverpool University from 1907 – 1941 took the photographs when he was digging in Turkey in 1907 – 8.

Above we see a school photograph thought to have been taken in Gaziantep.

Of course Garstang was in the country to excavate sites and he was focusing on Hittite remains. These also feature in the exhibition as you can see.

His images were stored in glass negatives and have now been digitized and printed locally by Fethiye’s oldest photography business, Foto Kandiye.

But despite the images of so many amazing Hittite remains, we still loved the photographs Garstang took of ordinary people – or what were ordinary people at that time.

The final photograph shows ‘Jews in Kayseri’ and we doubt any are still around to day.

The exhibition runs till the 17th, next Sunday, so do try and see it for yourselves. Entry is FREE.