We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Shot Dead by Brother

A 34 year old man in Kemer went out to plough his field this week only to have his older brother turn up and start an argument.

The brother left the field, went home, then returned with a hunting rifle.

He shot the younger man on the tractor and, when he tried to run away, shot him again and killed him.

Their father commented

“I don’t know why they were arguing. I have plenty of land. Enough for both of them.”

Catch Lands Fisherman with Fine

A lucky Fethiye fisherman landed a giant tuna this week that measured over three metres in length and weighed in at 350kg.

It needed a minibus to get it from the harbour to the cold store where it took five men to lift it from the bus.

Apparently they planned to cut up the fish and sell it to hotel restaurants.

Later in the week it was announced that the man who caught the fish had been fined 750TL by the Ministry of Agriculture for catching the fish out of season.

The money is being donated to Fethiye Care Home and, given the amount the fish probably raised, we doubt the fisherman is seriously out of pocket.

Coffee the Dog Helps Clear Litter

And a retired German woman who lives in Köyceğiz and is committed to clearing up rubbish has a new helper – her young dog called Coffee.

She walks the dog along the lake each day whilst also collecting plastic bottles, bags and other rubbish.

Coffee now collects her own waste and brings it to her owner.

The owner said

“At first I think she was playing but now she is very serious and gets into places I can’t reach.”

Maybe we should be training dogs to collect litter?