Fethiye now has its own club for for Hobby Amateur Radio enthusiasts or “HAMs” as they are more commonly known.

The club has members from Turkey and the UK whom live locally. The club is called FARAD, Fethiye Radio Amateurs Club, kindly supported by “Fethiye Belediyesi”.

We asked few questions to one of the members of the club.

Why are you guys HAMS?

Amateur Radio, sometimes known as Ham Radio, is both a hobby and a service that uses various types of radio equipment allowing communication with other radio amateurs for the purpose of self-training, recreation and public service.

What interested you in it?

Most of the HAMs are interested in electronic communications via radio waves, some just happen to chatter on the air, some are sailors whom (used to) have only HF communications when they were sailing round the world.

Why have you chosen Fethiye to set up the group?

Fethiye is not a special choice, we just happen to live in Fethiye as any other locations round the world do have similar clubs.

Though, Fethiye has foreign (mainly British) settlers so FARAD is an international gathering in some ways. Plus, lately there is a demand for “Radio Amateur Training” from different sports organizations in Fethiye as well as AKUT, The Turkish Search & Rescue Association.

How far can your transmissions be heard / responded too?

Even “Sky is NOT the limit” as a HAM I can contact round the globe, to ISS or even bounce radio signals from moon in order to contact somewhere else on the Earth.

Do the mountains in the area cause a problem with radio signals?

Pros & Cons. Is not as easy as Western Europe but has its own specialities, like Baba Mountain; 2,000metres just next to the sea offers great opportunities for some VHF/UHF DX’ing (DX’ing is trying to reach longer distance with less & less power).

How much does one need to spend to get in on the hobby – radio costs?

Starts as cheap as just getting online at home to study, but a very basic starters hand held radio will cost about £35 used or £90 new.

Then “Sky is the Limit” as in any other hobby, though an average home station will cost between £500 to £1,500.

Do you need a licence?

Yes you do. Different levels, different licences.

A “Foundation Licence” in the UK and “Class C licence” in Turkey is the beginning of it.

It doesn’t cost much other than a week’s evening reading and a day with a HAM to practice.

How can interested people get in touch?

FARAD, Fethiye Radio Amateurs Association, now has a new elected president Sadi CIGDEM (non HAM) from Fethiye Belediyesi 35 members 28 of whom are from AKUT-Fethiye the mountain rescue team.

The group meet on a regular basis at different locations.

Anyone interested can contact Engin: m0edj@arrl.net for more information.

Thank you to FARAD for the interview.


  1. Hello.
    I have been to Turkey before and I hope to return later this year.
    Are there any operators in the Icmeler area? ? 73. Ian. G7HFS.

  2. Hi Everyone
    I am in Ovacik until 27 October 2014 and would like to have some QSO’s through the repeater on Babadag.
    Maybe I could attend one of your club meetings.

    John G4IJD