We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Authorities Check for Bootleg Booze

A few weeks ago we published a link to a story on the BBC.co.uk website about a group of 20 Russian tourists who had been seriously poisoned by bootleg alcohol served on an yacht near the resort of Bodrum.

When three of the party later died from the poisoning the Turkish authorities set up a wide ranging investigation and arrested suspects and confiscated ‘thousands’ of bottles of boot leg booze.

This week representatives from the local Ministry of Agriculture together with Ministry of Tourism staff, started taking samples of alcoholic drinks from day boats and bars.

They are having the samples analysed to ensure the drinks are branded and not bootleg.

By the end of the week they had visited almost 250 locations in Çalış, Fethiye centre and Ölüdeniz and found nothing wrong.

They had taken samples from 22 ‘suspicious bottles’ which had been sent for analysis, and of these results had been received on 12 and were all normal.

So you can relax and drink with a little more confidence from now on.

One Hump to Two

One of the camels owned by the ‘camel ride’ man in Kayaköy gave birth and the baby has been named ‘Boncuk’.

Apparently tourists are now forgoing rides, being content with a photo of themselves and the cute baby.

Leader of Turkey’s Rescue Association Visited Fethiye

The national leader of AKUT, Turkey’s Rescue Association, was in town this week and held a press conference to set out AKUT’s achievements to date, and appeal for funds to expand their work.

He stated that in the 15 years AKUT has been in existence they have taken part in 900 operations, arising from accidents on mountains/in wilderness areas, earthquakes, large scale motor vehicle pile ups and others.

They have saved 1,235 lives through their work.

There are currently 26 branches of AKUT spread across the country and, by the end of this year, that number is set to rise to 30.

Fight Leads to Arrests

Çalıca neighbourhood.

A drunken argument in the early hours ended in tragedy when three men involved all produced guns and wounded each other.

The injured were taken to the Fethiye State Hospital, while police began a search for a fourth man, also said to be armed, who apparently started the argument.