We continue our round up of the local news from Fethiye, Muğla and surrounding area.

Summer Break

The general election’s over, schools are on holiday, summer is definitely here and, apart from the final stages of the national football competition, local news seems somewhat thin this week.

Election Results

So we’ll tell you what happened to Fethiye’s votes.

There was an 86% turnout in Fethiye for the general election on Sunday, 12th June.

The ruling AK Party won the seat with 42.4% of votes, against 36.5% gained by the CHP which came second.

Fatal Bike Crash

It’s almost as if all the local journalists took time off this week, following all the long hours they must have worked in the run up to the election.

They did, however, report yet another motorbike fatality on the Antalya road, when a car signalled to turn and, as the driver made the turn, he was hit by a motorbike travelling at speed.

The driver of the bike, who was not wearing a helmet, Özcan Duran aged 19, died instantly.

His pillion passenger and the driver of the car were both taken to the State Hospital, where they are recovering well.

Two Fathers Claim Body of Dead Motorcyclist

Local press continued the story of Özcan’s death later that day, when not one but two fathers arrived at the hospital to claim the body.

It seems the young man was raised by a couple who had not managed to have children, but really wanted a family.

Distant relatives with a large family ‘gave’ their next baby, Özcan, to the childless couple who raised him as their own, and only, son.

So two families are now mourning his death.