Artist Tina McCallan invited 100 Carnival-goers to re-create, “Two ducks carrying a Turtle” a painting by an Ottoman miniaturist at the Calis Beach Carnival, Turkey on 28th May 2011 and the final picture was a work of art!

In a site-specific painting performance, McCallan invited carnival-goers to paint a collaborative Masterpiece based on an Ottoman miniature in the fantastic seaside location of Calis Beach.

Chosen to reflect the carnival’s theme of birds ,turtles and nature, the painting comes from Aesop’s fables and shows a tortoise who wanted to travel the world flying through the air on a stick supported by two ducks.

Inspired by a democratic version of a 15th Century Renaissance painting workshop and referencing the Ottoman Nakkashane tradition, which was that was that many people worked on the same manuscript painting together, each participant paints one square on a canvas divided up into 100 squares.

By inviting locals and visitors to stumble across the project and contribute to the making of an Old Master, their definition of Art as something that is elitist and inaccessible is demolished.

The project allowed the participants to interact with it, uncovering, their latent artistic talent allowing them to socialize with other members of the community at an event which celebrates local culture and aims to integrate locals, ex-pats and tourists.

A hive of activity and fun as participants took part in the painting event at Calis Carnival 2011

Despite the wet weather the painting was completed on time and the results are truly amazing as you can see below.

The finished article!


If you helped paint this you should feel very proud!

About the Artist

McCallan was trained at the Royal Academy School of Arts in London and has been commissioned to produce re-creations in a variety of contexts from festivals to schools both in the UK and Turkey.

For images of this and previous projects please see and her Facebook page.