Whether a concerned traveller or a casual observer this flight tracking website will be of interest.


Flightradar24 provides a unique view of the aviation world. Via trackers on board the majority of commercial aircraft it is able to track flights in many parts of the world.

If you live on a flight path then its fun to call up the website and see where that jet is going.

But the site is also useful if you want to track the Icelandic volcano ash cloud too. The site operators have created an overlay of the ash cloud.

A screen grab of the site this morning shows the extent of the ash cloud and how few planes are in the area. The grey area is the extent of the ash cloud and the darker the colour the more dense the ash. Note no flights were in the darkest area. You can also track the likely coverage of the ash cloud using this website too.

So save www.flightradar24.com to your favourites and keep an eye on this unfolding drama.