We continue our round up of the local news from in and around the Fethiye area.

Hungarian Wins World Paragliding Acrobatic Championships

We promised we’d tell you the name of the winner of the World Paragliding Acrobatic Championships which ended on 15th May in Ölüdeniz.

It was Pal Takats from Hungary, and that’s all we know.

Russian Paraglider Injured

However, more paragliding news came at the end of last week when a 25-year-old Russian, in training for a paragliding competition to be held near Erzurum, fell 50m shortly after take off from Babadağ and broke his foot.

Yet again a solo pilot is injured.

Works to Extend Fethiye Promenade to Çaliş Begin

The third stage of the Fethiye Bay project began this week when the Mayor, Behçet Saatcı, held a press conference on site.

The project will extend the current cafe/restaurant/leisure parks theme from 779 Sokak around to the Şat restaurant at the end of the beach in Çaliş.

When completed, it will include a 4.5km jogging/walking track.

Saatcı assured the press that all work will be completed in 90 days – we’re counting.

Radio Care Home Mystery

A man who works in an office furnishings shop in Fethiye displays his collection of 60 old radios in one corner of the shop.

Aziz Çetinkaya started collecting the old radios in 1980 and they have been on show in the shop since 2006.

They are all working and in mint condition.

He calls his collection ‘Care Home for Radios’.

We want to know which shop? The press aren’t saying but can any reader help?

If we find it we can go and photograph Aziz with his radios and tell you more.

Election Fever

A general election takes place in Turkey on 12th June 2011. The big parties are campaigning hard so expect to see plenty of bunting, gatherings and mini busses broadcasting political messages around town.

Scandals abound in the local and national press about certain candidates in the running and some have already dropped out.

On the election day all bars will be closed for the sale of alcohol during the hours of the poll. However, if you are a tourist expect that rule to be waived for you.