On Sunday 8th May the local Oludeniz Hash House Harriers were on hand to help and advise on an emergency rescue in Ovacik.

A extremely lucky, female solo, paraglider escaped with her life after accidentaly getting tangled up in the main electric lines in Ovacik.

One of the Oludeniz Hash Harriers saw it happen and raised the alarm with the others nearby.

Eric Robson and Clive Ward (pictured) quickly ran to the scene to see if they could help.

Eric Robson, who is a retired UK Fire Officer and has specialised in Emergency Rescue, was quickly able to advise the hapless victim not to move as no one was sure if the electric had been turned off.

She was obviously very scared but Eric was able to calm her down until the emergency services arrived on the scene.

After giving advice on the best rescue scenario to a local paraglider, who translated his instructions, he watched them carry them out and rescue the young girl.

Sunday Hangover - Oludeniz Has House Harriers were the first on the scene to help rescue a fallen paraglider (Ovacik,Oludeniz)

Thanks to international co-operation the paraglider amazingly walked away from the scene shaken but not injured.

You can find out more about the Oludeniz Hash at their website www.oludenizhashhouseharriers.com