Tülin Erol,  a committee member of the Çalış Carnival and Çalış Childrens Charity, died when fire broke out in her home and business premises known as the Roka Restaurant on Sunday 24 April around 2am.

According to local reports Tülin and her husband Fehmi Erol (46) were asleep in the upstairs apartment when he was awoken by the smell of smoke. The room quickly filled with smoke but when he tried to put on a light to find his wife but the power was cut. The husband threw himself from the window but his wife was trapped by the smoke and darkness.

When fire crews arrived the husband pleaded with the fire crews to save his wife but the fire was too fierce. It took the crews an hour to put out the flames.

Tülin was found later found by the fire crews dead in the bedroom.

The police have launched an investigation into the cause of the fire.

Tülin Erol aged 42 was a keen supporter and committee member of the Çalış Carnival and Çalış Childrens Charity.

The Roka Restaurant was located on Yerguzler Street opposite the Çalış, Fethiye Sunday market site was a popular venue for charity events and with local expats.