We continue our round up of the week’s local news from the Fethiye area.

Fethiye to Host Another University Faculty

Fethiye is to get yet another satellite faculty from Muğla University.

This time it is to be a Faculty of Management and apparently a site for a new building has been agreed and construction is expected to start shortly.

TEMA Say No to In Canyon Cafe

The local environmental protection group TEMA demonstrated in Saklıkent Canyon this week, against plans to reinstate the restaurant/teahouse inside the canyon.

Many readers will remember the somewhat ramshackle wooden platforms on which you could sit and drink tea (or beer), whilst watching more intrepid souls wade across the icy water pouring through the canyon.

The cafe was run by villagers from the nearest village, Kayadibi, and profits were used to fund projects in the village.

Two years ago the cafe was closed down but it now seems it may re-open. But not if TEMA gets its way – we’ll keep you posted.

Children’s Day

23rd April is Children’s Day in Turkey and this year a total of 600 children from 14 countries gathered in Fethiye to start a week of activities marking the Day.

Children came from Azerbaijan, Indonesia, India, UK, Spain, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Sierra Leone, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

Throughout the week ahead there will be daily activities involving the children, so if you see youngsters in traditional dress you’ll know who they are.

Fethiye Has A Medical First

British resident, Derek Walter, became the first patient to have a pacemaker fitted in Fethiye this week.

The operation was carried out at the Esnaf Hospital and the patient is recovering well.

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