Your weekly round up of what we thought was interesting in last weeks local Turkish news.

The One That Didn’t Get Away

Remember the shark that weighed in at 250kg recently and was sold in Fethiye Fish Market for a mere 100TL? 

Well this week a fisherman in Göcek went one better landing a shark some 4m long that weighed in at 400kg. 

What’s more he quickly packed it in ice and sent it off to be sold in Izmir. 

So now it’s Fethiye’s turn to catch an even bigger one.


Conman Preys on the Elderly

And a fraudulent doctor had a spree in Nif this week. 

He visited the homes of elderly couples, took their blood pressure, sold them a ‘home massage kit’ for 50TL, scrawled a signature on a receipt for the money and scarpered. 

Apparently six couples in total fell for this con, and the local jandarma are now interviewing all parties involved.


Moving Memorial

Friday 18th March was the 96th anniversary of the ‘Çanakkale Victory’ – we know it as the First World War Battle of Gallipoli – and this year it was marked with wreath laying and speeches at the Atatürk Memorial as usual, but also there was a new element. 

Exactly a year ago fighting broke out in Tunceli in central Anatolia, and close relatives of two soldiers killed in that incident spoke at this year’s Çanakkale ceremony. 

The younger sister of one soldier recounted how they were told of his death, and the son of another victim read out his father’s last letter to the family. 

Apparently many of those attending the occasion were reduced to tears.