In this week’s round up of the local news international women’s day celebrated in Fethiye, murderer sentenced, snow falls in Muğla and chopper rescue.

International Women’s Day Celebrated in Fethiye

Tuesday 8th March was International Women’s Day which was marked in Fethiye with wreath laying and speeches at the Atatürk Memorial at 11am, then a long lunch with more talks and speeches and a concert of Turkish Folk Music at the Cultural Centre in the evening.

The whole day was entirely in Turkish, hence we didn’t give you early warning, but if you happened upon any part of the event, now you know what it was all about.

Twelve Years for Chilling Murderer

Remember last year’s case of the abused wife who murdered her ex-husband and stuck his body in a chest freezer?

Well she came up in court this week and was sentenced to 12 years and six months in prison.

Ironically she was sentenced on Women’s Day.

You can see the original story here.

North Wind Brought Snow

And on the same day, when we were splashing through the rain in Fethiye, it snowed in Muğla. Apparently snow is a rare occurrence there, and the 15cm that fell threw the city into chaos.

Meanwhile a whole metre landed on the mountains above Seki where the new ski resort is now functioning – and that snow was very welcome.

Chopper Rescue

And for one Turkish woman from Yaka village the week ended well when she gave birth prematurely to a daughter in Fethiye.

The baby wasn’t doing well, so hospital authorities had mother and baby transferred to Antalya by helicopter – both are now reported to be thriving.